See, feel, do.
Wound assessment. Nerve blocks. Guided biopsy. Vascular access. SonicEye® extends ultrasound to applications throughout the clinical environment.

Instinctive touch.
SonicEye® fits comfortably on your finger, so you can leverage your hand-eye coordination with fine-motor control, spatial awareness and tactile feedback. The ergonomically-optimized SonicEye® increases ease-of-use and lowers training requirements.

SonicEye® not only feels good in your hand; it expands the point of care. SonicEye® is ideally suited for the burgeoning mobile ultrasound market, driving the use of ultrasound in new ways at point-of-care and in challenging environments.

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • First responders
  • Military applications
  • Developing countries

Better Quality, More Comfort.
Procedures are done right the first time, with less discomfort and fewer complications. That means less anxiety for your patients.

Better data, better decisions.
SonicEye® puts the physician in control, making you more agile, and more efficient. The result is better patient outcomes – better data, better decisions.  

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