Sonivate Medical, Inc.

Sonivate Medical develops and markets innovative ultrasound technology and participates in the world-wide $7 Billion market.  The company’s technology opens new markets for ultrasound by extending its use especially with “ease of use and preference” for new users. Sonivate has been financially supported by grants from the US Department of Defense and private investors.


The SonicEye®, Sonivate’s initial product, is a fingertip-mounted ultrasound probe that combines ultrasound imaging with simultaneous tactile feedback, while leaving both hands free to do work.  It is it's ergonomic design that makes ultrasound intuitive, easy to learn, especially for new adopters. 


The miniature probe replaces the traditional handheld transducer in many clinical applications.  A design that is suited for vascular access, and other applications including the “short-axis” orientation that is needed for radial and femoral procedures.


Dr. Jonathon Roberts has indicated that “...Radial artery access is rapidly becoming the dominant access site in many cath labs throughout the world. However, achieving radial access can be one of the most difficult parts of the procedure...”.


Also, … ”Ultrasound guided radial artery access (UGRAA) is a technique that essentially overcomes difficult radial access, allowing for rapid radial artery cannulation, usually on the first attempt”.          (March/April 2013 Cardiac Interventions Today)


Sonivate’s unique and patented design, incorporating a revolutionary approach to micro-array architecture and connector cabling design, has delivered a platform technology with the transducer miniaturized and centered on a finger-mounted probe.